Understanding How a Massage Chair Works

Massage chairs have been around for some decades now. In the US, they are great gadgets that can cost from few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Their demand has been on the rise with the ever busy lives of people. You no longer have to go and wait on a queue in a spa when you can get all the massage you need right at the comfort of your home. If you want to buy a massage chair, it is important to understand how it works. This will help you know how to properly use the chair and provide the best massage for your body.

The main idea behind a massage chair is quite easy to grasp. All massage chairs are designed with a device inside which provides a soothing sensation to the person receiving the massage. There are different types of designs for different types of massage chairs designed to meet the specific needs of individuals. Some chairs are made with very complex mechanisms to provide human massage therapist techniques. On the other hand, some others are designed with simple vibrating elements for those who only require the basic feature of massage chairs. But all of them are manufactured to provide a soothing feeling and comfort to weary people who want to get their body rejuvenated.

Understanding How a Massage Chair Works

Although a lot of massage chairs in the market use mechanical approach to operate, some innovations have seen the introduction of other types of massaging techniques such as those that make use of water to massage away stress and tension. Others even make use of airbags to promote blood circulation while they squeeze muscles. The most recent technologies make use of a combination of these techniques to provide the perfect balance for people looking for different massaging options.

Almost all types of massage chairs make use of a combination of vibrating mechanisms, rollers, gears and motors to perform their massaging functions. To create vibrations, massage chairs use a small device which contains a gear or a weighted wheel. When the electric motor of the chair rotates on the wheel, it creates a vibrating motion. A perfect example of this is the presence of vibrating mechanisms cell phones. This is the small version of what is normally found on massage chairs. Usually, the massage chair is designed with several of these vibrating devices to produce vibrations on the surface without unbalancing the chair.

When you are being massaged on a massage chair, its rollers are designed in a way that they act like human hands as they move over the person’s body in a soothing manner. The manner of movement is determined by the frame’s structure.

Some other massage chairs are designed more complex. On these chairs, the rollers are mounted on a mechanical arm which can move vertically and literally to create a human-like movement. This means that the rollers can actually move right, left, and even in circles. Usually, there is a separate electronic motor that powers the movement of the mechanical arm. The above is a basic explanation of how the massage chair works. So, when you are buying one for your needs, ensure that you look at the functionalities and select the most ideal product which can provide relief to your stressed muscles and make you relax more comfortably.