Health Benefits of Massage Chairs

Believe it or not, thousands of doctors recommend getting massages regularly to improve your health. Your body is a machine that needs to be exercised regularly. If it isn't getting enough movements, it's getting weak. That's why it's so important to get regular massages to work out every part of our body. Just do a little research and you will see for yourself how many doctors and chiropractors actually recommend massages. The best part of getting a massage is it helps us feel a million times better. Below is a list of some of the health benefits of getting regular massages. 

1. Some massage chairs can correct your posture.

Look for massage chairs with chiropractic body twist technology. These massage chairs can twist your body and correct posture problems. Just like a car, the more miles you put on the car the more the car goes off alignment. Our body works the same way. As we get older, our body may get out of shape because of all the wear and tear we put on it. That's why it's beneficial to see a chiropractor often. If you can't afford to go to a chiropractor, the next best thing is to get a massage chair made by chiropractors with features that can help you correct your posture. Some of the newer massage chairs, like the MB 8, have features like the Chiropractic BodyTwist technology that can help align your posture correctly.

Some massage chairs can correct your posture.

Correct posture can improve your health tremendously. It can also improve the way you feel on a daily basis. You don’t want to be the slouchy grouch when you are in your fifties. Correct your posture whilst you’re still young and use a high-class massage chair that will do the trick for you. If you’ve been experiencing back pains after going home from work then it’s time to give yourself a treat. A good massage chair can flex all of your muscles and give you much more mobility.

2. Massage chairs can help you sleep better.

Daily stress can cause a lot of problems. Whether you are going through cancer, or just not getting enough sleep because of aches and pain; if you go see a doctor and ask them whether getting regular massages would help you, a majority of licensed doctors will highly encourage you to get a massage on a daily basis if you can afford to. Massage chairs can do wonders for your health. As you get a soothing massage, all of your worries will start to disappear. About 30 years ago, only the very rich can afford to get massages on a daily basis. With breakthroughs in massage chair technology, now anyone can afford to buy a massage chair and be able to get a Human Hand Massages in their very own home.

Imagine coming home after a long days work and getting the best massage of your life. Or, if you're retired, getting one every evening before you go to bed. Instead of paying for a spa every week or every month, with a massage chair in your own home, you can get a massage 2 to 3 times per day.

On the medical side, a day-to-day routine may leave us with stress-inducing thoughts in which our body will unconsciously react. Stress has been the number one factor in causing cardiovascular diseases and fatigue. Furthermore, it may lead to unwanted depression and anxiety. But with massage chairs giving you the therapeutic massage you deserved–you will have worry-free thoughts in no time because these chairs use advanced, yet lifelike features that increase the levels of neurotransmitters in your body to fight off depression and other emotional stress.

It is also proven to reduce headaches and the number of migraines a person has. Plus, it acts as a bedtime story to help you improve sleep and other related disorders.

3. Some massage chairs can boost your energy and help excercise your muscles.

Some massage chairs can boost your energy and help excercise your muscles.

Some massage chairs out there go beyond just massaging you and have medical applications that exercise your muscles and boost your energy. To be our healthiest, we should all go to the gym every day for at least an hour, but who really does that? Some of us can maintain a daily exercise schedule and but many of us can't. According to the CDC, 69% of Americans are obese or overweight, for those like myself who belong to this category, regular exercise is extremely important. However, it is very difficult to maintain. Luckily, some massage chairs now go beyond just massaging our body and can actually help exercise our muscles. Your muscles need to be moved and exercised to increase mobility. That's why some massage chairs are made to focus on the muscles in our body.

These medical massage chairs are great for our body and should be used daily to help us exercise our muscles, thus boosting our energy. A medical massage chair can stretch, roll, and loosen every muscle in our body, giving it the proper exercise our body craves on a daily basis.

4. Massage chairs can help relieve aches, pain, and sore muscle tissues.

Massage chairs can help relieve aches, pain, and sore muscle tissues

Do you have a lot of aches and pain in your body? Most of us deal with pain on a daily basis. And many of us do not have a good way to get rid of the pain, and we end up doing the worst thing we can do and just learn to live with them. The only time we tend to do something about it is when it gets extremely bad. That's when we start getting regular massages, but usually, by the time we start doing this our posture is so bad that it is really hard to correct. What you should really do is get massages on a daily basis to avoid bad posture, sore muscles, and pain in the first place. When your body starts giving you the first sign of aches and pains, you should see a chiropractor and get a medical massage chair as soon as possible.

Daily massages can help relieve all of the aches and pain in your body. Imagine going to sleep like a baby without a care or pain in your body. That's the way life should be. Plenty of massage chairs offer more advantages aside from relaxation because these chairs also act as pain relievers for any number of medication conditions you may be experiencing. One of the most common problems is back pain and this is due to the improper posture you may have through your day, whether you are sitting in a chair all day long or slouching. Even excellent ergonomically design chairs which offer full back support can only minimize the dreaded back pains.

However, with medical massage chairs giving you constant massage therapy whenever you need it, they will work better than many painkillers and help you reduce aches and pains naturally. They're great for our body. Many massage chairs are designed to support your spinal cord, pinpoint certain stress points and fatigue muscle tissues. A massage chair that has extensive coverage is an ideal masseur to alleviate back pains, and together with a built-in heat therapy, your back will be craving for more massages to ease those sores and pains that you have.

5. Massage Chairs increase blood flow and improve circulation.

Massage Chairs increase blood flow and improve circulation.

A full-body massage corrects blood flow in every part of your body starting from the base of your skull down to your toes. That's why you feel so much better after a good massage. Having good blood circulation will improve your immune system and remove harmful substances and toxins from your blood, tissues, and organs. It also helps absorb nutrients better in your muscles. It even prevents puffing or edema which is caused by the accumulation of fluid in the tissues.

A good medical massage chair like the ones we recommend uses an air pressure system and vibrations to accommodate the muscles in your lower extremities.

Having a massage therapy also reduces high blood pressure and this is proven in a study executed on May 1999 by the Touch Research Institute, the University of Miami School of Medicine and Nova Southeastern University in Florida. It consists of 30 adults who were diagnosed with hypertension and they were given a 30-minutes massage therapy sessions in the afternoon or early evenings for twice a week during the whole 5-week period.

The results showed that the participants had an overall reduction in stress and anxiety, which is the main cause of high blood pressure, through the massage treatment. The researchers concluded that: “If massage therapy can effectively reduce symptoms associated with hypertension, then it might reduce life-threatening complications, such as the risk of stroke or heart attack.” (Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies, Vol. 4, No. 1)

6. Massage Chairs can also lower lactic acid built up from stress or strenuous exercise

Most athletes know the importance of increasing blood flow to the muscles in order to improve performance. By massaging the muscles in the body, blood flow is increased and lactic acid is excreted. By using a massage chair, you can massage the entire body without the need for a physiotherapist or coach by your side, helping to improve body mobility and performance.


Getting regular massages is recommended by thousands of doctors and should be done as many times as possible. Due to recent advancements in massage technology, some medical massage chairs like the ones we recommend can do wonders for our body. It can relax our body, improve circulation and take all the stress out of our mind. That's why so many doctors recommend getting daily massages. Because of the high number of doctors that recommend getting regular massages, we highly recommend that you get a massage chair. Just get the ones that are well built so you do not have to worry about them falling apart.