Tips for Repairing a Massage Chair

Massage chairs are great machines and they are best choices if you wish to enjoy comfort of full body massage at home without the need of visiting a therapist on regular basis. A wide range of massage chairs are available now that offer varied specialized massage techniques. So a full body massage is now possible with convenience of sitting at your home. Different models and brands of massage chairs offer varied features. All of them have their own benefits and may have some drawbacks too. You must identify your needs in order to select an ideal massage chair for you. Massage chairs are expensive machines and thus one need to know easy repairing tips that would help you in keeping your chair in a good proper functional shape.

Massage Chair doesn’t start

Check the power switch and power cord of your massage chair for any kind of damage or improper installation. You must make sure that the power outlet is offering enough power for chair to work properly. Power outlet can be checked by connecting any other appliance such as radio to see if it is working or not. If you have a blown fuse, you must turn off the power and replace the fuse with a new similar one with the use of a screwdriver. If the cord is damaged, you may need to get it repaired.

Check to see if all the parts are properly connected then you can move on another step for identification of issue and its rectification.

Heat Controls are not functional

Switch on your massage chair and put it on heat mode.

Check to see if you are getting correct level of warmth on all sides of your backrest.

If you find it improper, contact your massage chair dealer for replacement.

Massage Techniques not working properly

If your massage chair stops to work suddenly, stop the massage chair and reset it.

Make sure that massage functions work appropriately according to your body position. If you find that the massage heads are not able to reach other body parts like shoulders, you must adjust position of your chair accordingly.

If the backrest is not working on either sides or if the seat massage is not working, you may need to replace the air pumps or base of your chair. Get assistance from an authorized dealer.

Usually when you start a massage function, the air pumps of the chair make a soft noise as they inflate. If the air pumps are making noise but are not inflating, there must be some problem with air tubing connection. Remove the tube to check if the connection is safe. If you find any part broken, replace the tube.

Another common problem that you may face is that the air pump makes loud noises. In such case you must check the hose tube to see the fitting of pump. Remove and re-engage the pump securely with a zip.

Check if the motor is making sound or not. If you can’t hear sound of the motor, this indicates a problem within the base of the chair or you may need to get pump replaced.

If all other parts are working well and you are finding that the foot and calf massage is not working properly, get those parts replaced.

Another problem may be that the actuator couldn’t be raised or lowered for massage. In that case too, you would need to replace foot and calf. If the problem still exists, consider replacing the base of your chair.

Most of the high-end massage chairs feature buttons to control width with foot and calf massaging. You can make changes in width according to your choice. If by pressing the button the LED doesn’t lit, you would need to make sure that it is working. Keep it pressed and move to the narrowest width setting and then likewise move to the widest one. If it is not working well, you must contact your massage chair dealer for replacement of these some parts.

Remote not working

If the remote is not working properly, check the cable connection of the remote. If the cable connection is securely connected and the remote is not working, you may need to replace it.

Some of the remotes have LED lights on them and sometimes only the lights fail to work (check dealer for repair or replacement). If the features are not working, there would be some problem with the functions of the chair not with the remote.

Warnings & Advice

You may be checking only inside of the chair however it is not compulsory that only the inside has some problem. If your massage chair is not operating well and you still have it under warranty; it is best to contact your dealer directly for any repairs and servicing.

If the chair you have bought is not comfortable for your body structure, you must not use it and take it back to the dealer for appropriate exchange or repair service.

Most of the massage chairs feature a troubleshooting section where you can find appropriate advice and instructions tutorials. If any of the above mentioned tips don’t work, consult the tutorial for further inspection.


Massage chairs are constructed with the use of finest material and components. These machines are easy to maintain. They have rugged body and thus have low tendency of wear and tear even with regular use. But even these machines require little care and maintenance to keep you worry-free for years.