Omega Montage Pro Massage Chair

Omega Montage Pro Massage Chair


Combining Japanese, Thai and Chinese massage techniques, this chair has 5 automatic massage treatments. With 30 designed airbags to provide compression massage through your whole body, your stress is sure to melt away. It features the Zero-Gravity function to distribute the weight over your back, and improve your circulation. With fingertip controls inside the armrests, you're able to adjust the massage and position while still getting your massage.

Having the two color choices makes matching your furniture a little easier. You could go with the classic brown or live it up in the black with brown detailing. It has a detachable headrest, detachable seat cushion and a removable back pad; so the comfort is all up to you. Having the option to choose the automatic programs or target certain areas of the body is a real plus. It also has a built in music system so you can relax and let the stress disappear.


The overall look of the Fujimi EP8800 is fantastic. We've compared it to the looks of a space ship and an upgraded first class airplane seat. A wider brighter remote really completes the look of the chair, and all the luxury right in your own home.The Montage Pro massage chair is sleek with elegant styling and trim. The futuristic look of the chair matches the level of the technology inside. The side panels have sleek trim and upholstery to add a stylish touch. The backrest is soft, comfortable and velvety to the touch. The remote has a LCD touch screen with 5 automatic programs. The detailed styling of the Montage Pro makes it one of the sharpest massage chairs available. This chair has a modern style, two color choices and is loaded up with therapeutic massage therapies.

User Friendly

With fingertip controls in the armrest and built in external speakers and headphones included, this chair appeals to all users. It has a MP3 music player and comes with a 1GB USB flash memory stick, so you can pick what music you want to relax to. This also combines with their music synchronization function. When activated, the rollers will move to the rhythm of the music being played. It's also easily turned on and off as you like. The headrest, seat and back pad are all removable to make it as comfortable as you'd like because not everyone likes the same intensity of massages. With a chair-back and footrest that can be raised at the same time or separately and adjustable footrest, this chair really caters to you.

4 Back Massage Courses

The Montage Pro massage chair has 4 back massage courses. There is full back, upper back, middle back and lower back. This allows you to select where on your back to focus the massage. You can select the type of massage technique and it will follow the course selected. You can also massage a specific point with the point massage. The 'Whole Back Course' will cover your whole back from your waist to your neck, the 'Shoulder (Thoracic) Course' The massage will concentrate on your upper back, shoulders and neck, the 'Middle Back (Cervical) Course' will concentrate on the middle of your back and the 'Waist (Lumbar) Course' will concentrate on your lower back and waist.

Massage Functions

You can enhance your massage with the air compression massage or the hip vibration feature in the automatic mode or manual mode. For the foot roller massage you can select from three different levels of speed, and the air pressure massage has five levels of pressure intensity. The massage roller width will automatically adjust your body type, or it can be manually adjusted from narrow, regular, or wide. The chair has 4 manual massage functions. They include: tapping, rolling, kneading, or a kneading/tapping combination. The 'Kneading' technique feels like the fingers and thumbs of two hands coming together as they carefully work their way upwards to loosen stiffness in the neck and shoulders. The 'Pressing' technique moves the massage rollers up and down along the spine from your lower back up to your neck and back down again. This relieves pressure by gently stretching the ligaments of your back. The 'Tapping' is recommended for the tender muscles of the neck or as a finishing massage. The 'Kneading & Tapping Combination' uses the kneading to loosen up your muscles while the tapping invigorates you. If you have a little stiffness this massage will rejuvenate you.

Zero Gravity Function

Like other chairs we've seen the Montage Pro massage chair has the zero gravity function. Zero gravity is a position used to improve blood flow and decompress the spine. It helps to decompress the spine by distributing the weight across your entire back rather than focusing in on the spine. The Montage Pro has 2 different Zero Gravity positions. Position 1 puts your body at a 130 degree angle which takes pressure off the major joints of the body. Position 2 raises your legs above the level of your heart which improves blood circulation while distributing the weight off your spine.

Final Thoughts

The Omega Montage Pro Massage Chair was designed with everyone in mind. With adjustable and removable features and down to the controls inside the armrest, they have thought of everything to make this chair fit you and your needs exactly.

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