How to Repair Panasonic Massage Chairs

A Panasonic massage chair is designed to relieve stress and loosen muscles by performing a mechanized massage in a comfy chair. After using your device a few times, you may begin to experience problems with its basic functions. Navigating some steps and conducting your own maintenance will have the chair functioning properly again in little time and save you time and money. You can remedy a power loss issue, correct a chair that doesn't massage to the back of the neck, and reactivate a chair that has stopped operating.

How to Repair Panasonic Massage Chairs

Turn the power switch (located on the right side of the chair toward the bottom) to the "Off" position if you see all the buttons on the control panel flashing at once and the massage heads have stopped working. Allow approximately ten seconds to pass before turning the power switch to "On." Turning the power off and on will allow the system to reset. Position your body so that your back isn't totally in contact with the massage heads. Excessive pressure applied to the massage heads my cause the heads to stop due to a safety issue.

Position your body deeper in the seat if the massage heads don't come completely up to your shoulder or neck. If you are sitting in a position so that your head isn't touching the pillow and your back doesn't touch the backrest, the seat may read that your shoulders are lower than they are. Sit far back in the seat and make sure your head touches the pillow, and start the massage again.

Position yourself on the right side of the unit, and unplug the power cord from the "AC In" jack on the side panel if you're experiencing power issues. Wait a few seconds, and then plug the power cord back into the "AC In" jack to reset the connection. Examine the length of the power cord for damage, such as tears, dents or cuts. If the cord is damaged, replace it. Unplug the power cord from the AC wall outlet, and plug a different electrical device into the wall to test the outlet for proper functionality. Unplug the other device, and insert the power cord from the chair back into the AC wall outlet.

Push the "Power" button two times if your backrest won't return to the upright position after a massage, does not return to an upright position, or the chair has stopped mid-massage.

Tips & Warnings

1. You can access a direct download of the troubleshooting section for Panasonic's massage chairs on their website under the tab "Help & Tutorials."

2. Refrain from dismantling any part of your chair, as this may void the warranty.