How to Maintain A Massage Chair

While the best massage chairs don’t necessarily have a fixed price bracket, they still are among the most costly home instruments. Further, unlike the wide screen TV, they come into regular contact with your bodies and as such are more prone to wear and tear. The problem is compounded by the fact that many users believe that the massage chairs will remain pristine even after months of constant use, just as the ones they see in the commercial establishments. What they perhaps don’t realize is that these establishments know full well how to maintain a massage chair, and indeed, hire professionals for the job sometimes. This doesn’t mean that you have to hire a professional maintenance agent – you can keep your chair in top shape by following some simple cleaning and storage tips that we have listed out for your convenience below.

Cleaning Tips For A Massage Chair

In general, products with leather or fabric upholstery need to be treated lightly with gentle cleaning agents. However, most products these days come with synthetic leather or vinyl upholstery, which is capable of handling comparatively harsher chemicals.

Furthermore, it is not true that you have to clean every inch of the chair – maximum cleaning is required in areas which come into contact with the exposed skin and hair of the body. These typically include arms, neck and head. To clean the product:

  • See if the upholstery is removable or not. Most massage chairs come with removable upholstery which helps isolate the necessary areas and clean them thoroughly thereafter.
  • Once you have removed the necessary parts, take them to a cleaning area that is at a sufficient distance from the product, as otherwise detergent, etc many enter the mechanical parts and cause malfunction.
  • Dust away any dirt or animal hairs that may have collected in the nooks and crannies of the upholstery.
  • In case your product is made of a material that cannot accept harsher chemicals, use mild dishwasher or detergent to make a dilute solution. If it can, you may consider using bleach or harsher detergents once in a while. However, never use acids or highly acidic solutions, as these might damage the upholstery or cause fading of the colors in the long term. Use a barber’s spray bottle to apply the solution if possible, as it helps spread the fluid over a large area in a quick time. Do not immerse the upholstery in water – with or without soap.
  • Spray soapy water over small areas of the upholstery and rub it dry using a slightly damp cloth. Keep in mind that the soap should not be allowed to dry on the upholstery as this may leave unsightly spots and damage the product in the long run. If any such spots have formed, rub them off using a damp cloth.
  • Once this has been done for the entire upholstery, allow the product to dry out. Never put a wet upholstery piece back into the massage chair.
  • Once dry, replace the massage chairs’ upholstery parts.

If you are wondering how to maintain a massage chair without spending a lot of time, you can take a damp cloth and gently run it over the most used parts of the upholstery. However, sooner or later you will have to take out the parts (if they are removable) and clean them out.

Oiling Your Massage Chair

  • Products with natural materials like leather may need regular oiling to keep them soft and prevent cracking. There are special leather oils available in the market, and if you are willing to spend some extra dollars, you can get slightly scented oil as well.
  • Whatever the type, clean out the surface using the above mentioned methods first, otherwise the oil will simply cause the dirt and human hair to remain on the surface.
  • Once the product is dry, apply oil in moderate quantities over the entire surface and wait for it to be absorbed. After a while wipe off with a dry cloth or sponge.

Note :Do not use petroleum oil if there are rubber parts, as petroleum oil damages rubber.

Other Tips And Tricks

  • Store the massage chair in an area that does not receive direct sunlight. While it may be rejuvenating to receive a massage while the sun warms the room, most massage chairs are not meant for use under the sun. Exposure for long periods of time may cause the upholstery to lose color and start cracking.
  • Many who wonder how to use a massage chair and in the end don’t succeed in doing so have their habits to blame. Do not use the massage chair like a normal chair i.e. avoid drinking or eating on it.
  • Use the chair regularly, as this helps keep the internal machinery in order. If you’re using it after a long period, try and see if you can oil some of the internal parts. If you cannot, consult a qualified company technician on whether the product can still be used without oiling.
  • Mind the weight capacity. Do not keep children or pets on your lap as they may interfere with the massage either by raising the weight unduly or causing distortions in your body posture.
  • Do not run the massage chair when there are any odd sounds involved. If an uncanny sound comes out during early use or while you are learning how to use a massage chair, you might want to use your warranty and get a replacement or repair done.


Massage chairs aren’t cheap, and we do develop a tendency to treat products roughly as we become more familiar with them. With these simple points, you should have a comprehensive answer to how to maintain a massage chair, covering most parts of the massage chair in equal measure.