General Massage Chair Solutions


  • The following problems can be caused by the scissors being bent, broken or loose (working themselves loose over time).
    • Making a clicking noise
    • Lift Chair is dropping
    • Footrest is not closing all the way
    • Chair is making a popping noise
    • Chair has one side touching the floor first
  • Chair is sitting crooked
    • * Seat foam has broken down due to user favoring one side
  • Lift Chair has stopped working

Possible Solutions

  • Many issues can be remedied by tightening or replacing the bent scissors*
    • Also Check motor
    • Chaise pad may be caught
    • Also check T-Bar and electrical connections
    • Also check rubber bumpers
    • Check scissors bolts, ground level or rubber bumpers
    • Check all electrical connections, replace motor, hand control or transformer. See document also.

Scissors Tightening

Always loosen outer nut first before tightening inside nut. Once inside is tight, then tighten outside nut snug to inside nut.

T-Bar Replacement

Gap should be 3/16 in close position. T0bar wings should be mounted 1/4 from edge of seat rail closest to seat springs.