Best Products for Cleaning a Massage Chair

While the materials in our chairs are tough, most people want to keep their massage chair looking brand new. We’ve found two products to be ideal over time, and have shared that insight below.

For general cleaning, Clorox Disinfecting Wipes work great, and are capable of removing any dust or dirt, and they also help disinfect the surface. Gentle grease cutting capabilities help remove any natural body oils from the backrest, seat, and headrest cushion. These wipes come in a variety of scents based on preference. We’ve typically stuck with their Citrus scented variety, but it’s a personal choice.

If you like to go a step further to make your massage chair look like new, with that subtle sheen and appearance, we’ve tried many products and have found Zep Leather Conditioner & Moisturizer to outperform similar products from other manufacturers for this job. While designed for natural leather, synthetic leather’s similar properties react well to the product, and an occasional application of Zep with a dry soft cloth is an additional step you might consider beyond simple cleaning.

The last consideration is periodically disinfecting the footrest. A periodic light spraying of Lysol Disinfectant Spray into the foot rest helps keep this area germ and scent-free, particularly if many people in the household (or friends) use the massage chair. We always recommend you wear light socks during your massage, as this is both comfortable and helps keep the footrest in its best condition.