Panasonic MAJ7 Real Pro ULTRA

Panasonic MAJ7 Real Pro ULTRA


The Panasonic design is smooth, sleek, and simple, easily going from regular chair to massage chair in no time. The thick back pad provides extra comfort and adds to the overall sleek look you'd expect from a Panasonic. Combining 33 airbags along with the advanced roller system, you're sure to feel relaxed. Features like the Heated Foot Massage, Junetsu Massage, Double Heated Roller Heads and the Body Scan technology really bring out the best in this chair.

Along with the looks and massage features, this chair comes with a user friendly design. With a voice guidance service finding your perfect massage is a breeze. The LCD screen on the remote allows you to see where on your body you are getting a massage and at what intensity is being performed. The medium size of the remote allows for easily seen buttons and functions without squinting your eyes.


The chair keeps to its well known sleek and smooth style with the high quality of the synthetic leather, changing from a comfortable lounger to a thorough massager in no time at all. With the reversible ottoman, you decide if you want the foot massage or not. Flipping it open to get the foot and leg air compression and tucking it back away when you're done is a breeze. Where most massage chairs have rollers that dig right into your back making for an uncomfortable sitting experience; this chair comes with a heavily padded back pad which protects you from the rollers or just flip the back pad behind the chair and enjoy the massage.

Roller Technology

Providing medium to deep pressure massage, this chair takes advantage of its 3D massage roller heads with the Advanced Massage Roller System. To guarantee you'll find the perfect massage pressure, the rollers allow up to 4 inches of adjustment, eliminating your muscle tightness and back tension. As if the 3D rollers weren't enough, they combined it with double heated rollers to truly blow you away. The soothing heat mimics that of human hands making it seem just as if you were down at your favorite spa. To provide targeted massage to specific muscle groups throughout the neck, shoulders and down the spine they have the Ultra Knead Technique which rapidly moves the rollers with more precision and accuracy than we've ever seen before. To massage all users from 4'8" to 6'2" there is the 31 inch roller which allows it to reach from the back of your head all the way down to your tailbone, and doing what most chairs can't with the opening and closing motion of the massage rollers; they move smoothly like human hands massaging over the shoulder and giving you that needed squeeze.

Air Compression

To achieve total relaxation, there are 33 airbags for the areas the rollers can't reach. They are at the shoulders, the lower back, the hips, the seat, your calves, feet, arms and hands. The updated air compression on the arm and hand area really impressed us. It now has ribbed styling to the airbags in the arm area. They inflate gradually to provide you with the kneading technique from your fingers up to your elbow. The arm airbags also have the alternating function, going from one arm to the other, allowing you to remove one arm to make adjustments or end the massage. The air compression system uses a lifting and lowering technique which alternates side to side, swaying your hips and pelvic area for the perfect hip stretch. The compression system is also used to stretch the leg muscles by grasping at the calves, feet, and hips while the ottoman lifts and lowers. Let's not forget the Ultra Knead airbags are used to massage the soles and sides of our feet with the help of the foot nodes.

User Friendly

Achieving relaxation shouldn't be a challenge. Even with a complex computer system, Panasonic has always ensured to make their chairs as user friendly as possible. The option of using a voice guided massage for beginning massage chair enthusiasts helps to explain the proper positioning of the rollers, how to adjust the intensity of the massage, and even asking how your massage feels. Once you've gotten the hang of it, you can choose to turn the voice guidance off at any time. With a clearly lit LCD screen you can see exactly where on your body you're receiving the massage, the intensity and depth of the massage and what program it is using. At the touch of a button each option can be selected, the roller heads adjusted, and massage intensity can be adjusted from the level of air compression to the roller intensity. With a sleek design and medium size the remote makes all functions easily seen.

Special Features

With special features such as the Heated Foot Massage, Junetsu Massage, Double Heated Roller Heads, and an updated Body Scan technology, the Panasonic MAJ7 is shooting for the top.

Heated Foot Massage

Your feet literally carry you throughout the day and by far experience the most pressure. Yet with most massage chairs they only heat the back muscles; well not anymore! Now with the heated soles, you can really relax those tired feet and keep you comfortable and warm through the whole session.

Junetsu Massage

One of the preset massage programs in the Junetsu Massage technique. This is a Japanese style of massage that uses a precise circular motion, from the thumb shaped roller, to quickly and deeply loosen even the most stubborn knots in your muscles. This massage technique is exclusively on the Panasonic and feels absolutely amazing.

Double Heated Massage Rollers

Having rollers heated on the exterior as well as the interior, allows for a deep heat to soak into the muscles with no trouble. For a deeper, faster, and more thorough relaxation, heat is always the way to go.

Updated Body Scan Technology

Panasonic has always been at the forefront of the body scan and with their newest technology it really shows with strategically placed rollers to precisely to hit all muscle groups. Having a body scan feature helps the chair to determine where your shoulders are how wide your body is. This technology locates you in the chair, locates the curvature of your spine and even the length of your neck. Ensuring every area is reached and the necessary pressure for that area is provided.

Final Thoughts

We are very impressed with the new Panasonic MAJ7 Real Pro Massage Chair. We could go on and on about the chair but we know you don't have all day. This chair is very well made and will last a long time. The only set back is, for the price you are paying there are other chairs that gives you more bang for your buck.

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