MB Series Massage Chair

MB Series Massage Chair


The MB Series Massage Chair is one of the best massage chair series ever made. While most massage chairs are made for just massaging you, the MB Massage Chair goes beyond to further treat and care for your medical needs. With a group of doctors helping them design the chair, the MB Massage Chairs are loaded with medical features such as the Chiropractic BodyTwist™ that twists and stretches your entire body from one side to the other, the Humongous Shoulder Massagers™ that does wonders for your shoulders and neck, and the Extreme Customization System™ feature that automatically adjust to your body whether you are 4'3 or 6'5. Additionally, while most chairs just adjust to your height, with the MB massage chair, you can customize it to fit your exact body size. So whether you are tall and skinny like Michael Phelps, or shorter like Snooki, you can use the Extreme Customization System™ to match your exact body type.

From a technical point of view, this chair is very well made. The entire chair is hand assembled in the USA, and even the leather is hand placed. It is a commercial grade chair, so it will last a very long time, but if you do ever need to fix it, it is extremely easy to fix. While you would need a massage chair technician to fix most chairs, this chair is so well done that if something were to go wrong, you can easily fix it yourself saving you thousands of dollars in repairs. There are only 8 components to the chair, and most parts just plug right in and are easily replaceable in minutes.

Considered by doctors and chiropractors as industry leaders and makers of the world's best medical massage chairs, MB sells their chairs directly to consumers through their site, so you don’t have to worry about dealers trying to make a profit. Their chairs have all of the features of a $25,000 massage chair at a much lower price. From zero gravity, to heat therapy, 4d, and deep tissue, nearly everything you can think of in a $25K massage chair is included. Remember to always buy directly from MB's web site to get the lowest possible price and avoid dealers trying to make a profit.


The designs of the MB Series Chairs are truly unique. With each different model, comes a similar yet different appearance. From an all shiny black to a silver/grey, or even a white trim exterior, you are bound to find one that suits your style perfectly. They all have a synthetic black leather headrest and back pad that is removable. Depending on the model, you can be provided built in speakers or an area to plug in your headphones. They have stands that can hold your remote on some models or pockets on the side for easy out of the way storage. Adding LED lighting on the outside of 2 of the models really bring out the luxury and futuristic feel.

User Friendly

With most chairs, assembly can be a pain, but with the 8 component system of the MB Series, the chair is put together in no time at all. They have an Extreme Customization System that allows you to adjust to fit your exact body size and not just your height. In rare cases, if something were to ever go wrong, the customer support of this company makes everything easy to deal with; they answer calls within 1 day and usually have the answer right then. They can easily explain over the phone what may have happened without you having to call a technician and spend days of work and thousands of dollars figuring it out. As if that wasn't enough, they've engineered the chairs to be extremely quiet, so your massage is never interrupted.


Considering these are commercial grade massage chairs, we already know they will last a lifetime in your home, unless you happen to live with about 200 other people. The leather of these chairs is hand placed and the chairs themselves are hand assembled here in the United States.


Intense Lower Back Rollers, Intense Heat Therapy™, Adjustable Leg Extensions, and the Smart Full Body Medical Scan™ (Full Body Scan Technology), are just a few of the many features these chairs are capable of performing. We'd like to talk about these few features for you to get a glimpse of what you would be getting, and just how much work they put into these chairs.

Intense Lower Back Rollers

Lower back pain is one of the most common problems most people have, they really focused on finding a way to alleviate the pain. After 30 different designs they finally came up with one of the most powerful lower back rollers on the market. They call it the Intense Lower Back Rollers because it does wonders for your lower back. Use it at least one hour daily and you'll feel completely new.

Intense Heat Therapy™

Unfortunately most massage chairs on the market have heat massage features that don’t really get that warm because it is difficult to warm leather massage chairs. That's why the MB Series had to totally redesign their heat massage technology. After over a year of development, they engineered a heat therapy massage system that they were proud to put their name on. It'll keep you warm even on a cold day.

Adjustable Leg Extensions

Designed to fit people of all heights, whether you are 4 feet or 7 feet tall, they have engineered the chair to match your exact height. With the adjustable leg extensions, you will be able to easily extend or shorten the legs to a position that makes you most comfortable.

Smart Full Body Medical Scan™ - Full Body Scan Technology

Their Smart Medical Scan™ is very intelligent and knows exactly where every part of your body is. They made the chair very flexible since everyone likes different kinds of massages. They engineered all of their massage chairs to be able to adjust vertically so you can easily adjust everything yourself manually as well. You are able to adjust the vertical position of the rollers to any point on your back. You can move it upwards, downwards, and from your neck all the way to your lower back.


Without going on and on for hours, we want to briefly cover some of our favorite systems used in these chairs. There is a True 4D Deep Tissue Massage System™, a Head to Toe Back Massage System™, the Full Body Stretch and lastly the Zero Gravity Sleep System™.

True 4D Deep Tissue Massage System™

The True 4D Deep Tissue Massage System™ is really True 4D. It actually does extreme deep tissue massages not just only along your back, but also around your neck and in the shape of your spine as well. The rollers protrude outwards deep into your neck, back and lower back. We felt like a brand new person after using the True 4D Deep Tissue Massage System™.

Head to Toe Back Massage System™

The entire back side of your body is medically the most important side to massage. That's why the MB Series team spent so much time engineering each one of their massage chairs to massage your back thoroughly from head to toe. They studied pain point maps to make sure the rollers in their chairs actually hit these spots and massage them properly, whereas most other chairs don't.

Full Body Stretch

The Full Body Stretch has been built into every model of the MB Series massage chairs because they know just how beneficial it is for your body to stretch. With the full body stretch, your hips are held in place while your legs are pulled down and your back is stretched. You are sure to get an amazing stretch every single day.

Zero Gravity Sleep System™

It's easy to fall asleep in this sleep system. Their Zero Gravity Sleep System™ is the first zero gravity massage chair engineered to literally help you fall asleep. It was so relaxing that we were massaged right to sleep. Once you press the zero gravity button, the massage chair positions itself into the most optimal sleeping position possible. Then, it performs a soothing, therapeutic massage to help you fall asleep.

Final Thoughts

The MB Series massage chairs are an absolute stand-out in the crowd. Not only did they come up with one of the best medical chair in existence but they performed test after test to ensure you get the highest quality chair ever made. We've also never seen a chair with this much thought put behind every aspect of the engineering. That's why the MB Series is the highest rated chair on our list.

Considered by doctors and chiropractors as industry leaders and makers of the world's best medical grade massage chairs, MB sells their chairs directly to consumers through their site so you don't have to worry about dealers trying to make a profit. Their chairs have all of the features of a luxury massage chair at a much lower price. From zero gravity to heat therapy, to 4d, to deep tissue, there isn't any feature that is missing. Always, remember to buy directly from MB's website to get the lowest possible price and avoid dealers making profits.

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