How Much Electricity Does a Massage Chair Use

When you look at a Massage Chair model, you might wonder how much electricity does a massage chair use? Most people are surprised by the answer.

Using the most advanced model with the most available features as a reference point, we’ll start with the basic components that draw wattage from your standard 110v outlet.

These basic power-driven components consist of a power supply, power circuit board, motherboard, three 110v motors, separate motors for the back recline and footrest, two air compressors, an infrared heating element in the backrest and leg massage unit, and of course the massage chair remote control.

You’d think all this would generate a lot of watts. However the maximum power output for this is 200 watts.

Let’s put that in perspective…

  • A waffle iron uses between 800-1,000 watts of electricity.
  • A refrigerator uses between 500-700 watts of electricity.
  • A desktop computer uses between 200-400 watts of electricity.

So back to the answer to how much power does a massage chair use? A massage chair running with ALL functions simultaneously for a full-body massage from head to toe uses about the same electricity as a desktop computer. When the chair is not in use, this is referred to as “standby power” or “vampire power”, and uses virtually no power at all when not being used for massages. This is surprising to many people, and should reduce any concerns you may have about the power drain caused by a top of the line premium massage chair.