Fujimi EP8800 Massage Chair

Fujimi EP8800 Massage Chair


Fujimi is a chair that lives up to its reputation. It continues to produce a chair of quality, that stands to last the long term use. The durability and the technology of this chair is something out of this world. It has 8 massage programs for specific users like: Rush Group, Old Age Group, Labor Group, and Student group, so you're sure to find the one for you.

Totaling 53 airbags, you are sure to get a thorough massage.

With the 12 point physical therapy feature (which seems to be a favorite) you're sore muscles are relaxed quite quickly. This feature also keeps your power consumption as low as possible. The chair also has 3D intelligent massage technology which can detect the structure of your body to massage it with just the right amount of pressure. The technology put into this chair have definitely given it an edge up in the high end massage chair market.


The overall look of the Fujimi EP8800 is fantastic. We've compared it to the looks of a space ship and an upgraded first class airplane seat. A wider brighter remote really completes the look of the chair, and all the luxury right in your own home.

User Friendly

With many different preinstalled programs the Fujimi team has done a great deal to make it as user friendly as possible. The install instructions we found were roughly translated but with the help of the pictures, it was actually very easy to put together. And by making the remote display wider with a clearer display it makes finding the functions and seeing how and where you're being massaged that much easier.

8 Massage Programs

There are a wide range of automatic massage programs available on the Fujimi EP8800. Each program is designed to fit a specific user; with options including the 'Rush Group' for those looking to relax after a day in the office, the 'Old Age Group' for mature users, the 'Labor Group' for people requiring an intense massage after hard physical work, the 'Student Group' to relieve tension associated with studying, 'House Group' to continue strength and sleep better, 'Labour Group' designed to relieve muscle pain and stiffness, 'Beauty Love Group' to keep natural flexibility on lumbar vertebra, 'Computer User Group' is a comfortable massage to remove that regional office syndrome, and the 'Campaign Group' using airbag shiatsu massage to relieve fatigue after exercise.


With Airbag Massage, Magnetic & Heat Therapy, Thai Foot Massage and Intelligent Massage Hands, you'll definitely be able to experience the best of all kinds of massages for you.

Airbag Massage

The air-pressure system for the legs, arms and hands is a real head turning feature. It adds flexibility to the massage experience, allowing the intensity to be adjusted to suit you. There are airbags positioned at the back and the buttocks to specifically target these areas too. With 53 airbags in total, 4 in the upper arm, 8 in the lower arms, 4 in the back region, 5 in the buttocks area, 20 in the legs, and 12 in the feet this ensures an exceptionally thorough body massage.

Magnetic & Heat Therapy

Magnetic therapy is a natural treatment, linked to boosted blood flow and pain relief. The massage chair uses eight 300cc magnets aimed at the calf muscles to promote circulation. It also uses infrared heat to relax the muscles, which is a nice added touch.

Thai Foot Massage

The Thai foot massage is one of this massage chair’s most enjoyed functions. The advanced roller technology is used to scrape your feet along the sole, easing out tension and helping to relieve pain and aching in your feet.

Intelligent Massage Hands

The EP8800 massage chair is designed using '3D intelligent massage technology'. What this basically means is that the chair features rollers that mimic hands. It's designed to recreate the effect of a massage from a person; kneading, squeezing, pushing, swinging and twisting where required.

The 12 Point Physical Therapy

These are 12 points of the body the chair focuses on to better your overall health. The 'Fengchi Point' calms the liver and relieves head and tooth ache, the 'Tian Liao Point' focuses on the vertebra and neck stiffness, the 'Bingfeng Point' relieves cough and reduces sputum, the 'Xinshu Point' relieves chest stiffness and calms nerves, the 'Ganshu Point' soothes liver and gallbladder and strengthens eyesight, the 'Shengshu Point' to help prevent many kinds of kidney diseases, the 'Neiguan Point' number 1 point for heart health, the 'Hands Sanli Point' regulates the gastrointestinal health, the 'Foot Sanli Point' is the number 1 point for complete body health, the 'Taixi Point' creates a stronger waist, the 'Kunlun Point' is best for pain of sciatic nerves, knee arthritis and ankle sprains, and finally the 'Yongquan Point' attends to sleeplessness, and headaches. By focusing on certain points, the chair itself reduces its power consumption.

Final Thoughts

The Fujimi EP8800 massage chair delivers an impressive all-over body massage totaling 53 airbags, 8 automatic massage programs, heat & magnetic therapy functions, Thai-style ‘scraping’ foot massage, and the 12 point physical therapy technique. It's a simple to use massage chair that delivers excellent results.

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